1. Visitor arrival area. Enhance interpretation. Possibly use Springthorpe Cottage as a visitor entrance facility.
  2. Top Stable Yard. Restoration and conversion of buildings possibly including café, retail and offices. Area to accommodate visitor facing staff.
  3. New build to accommodate new café facility.
  4. Castle Courtyard. Current carriage range may be used as a flexible space to support functions/events on the ground floor of the Castle. Courtyard to be able to be occasionally cordoned off for exclusive use in conjunction with the Castle.
  5. Elvaston Castle. Ground floor to be flexibly used for education, conference, weddings, etc. Also to include some public access with interpretation. Upper floors to be converted to residential – this could be holiday lets or long term lease or a combination.
  6. Special events parking to support events in the Castle. Careful management of space required to facilitate deliveries.
  7. Lower Stable Yard and Museum Buildings*. To be restored and where appropriate converted. Possible uses include retail, offices and workshops.
  8. Formal parking area for the Church/overspill for Castle and Castle Courtyard events.
  9. Kennels and Saw Yard residential area. Includes the conversion of the Kennels (3 units) and the Gas House (1 unit). It could also include, as ‘enabling development’, 10 houses on the site of the former Kennels Cottage and 2 houses on the footprint of the modern buildings in the Saw Yard. To be accessed via Church Drive. Where appropriate, some of these will be considered for use as holiday lets – in particular the Gas House, Kennels and the redeveloped modern buildings in the Saw Yard.

* The Lower Stable Yard currently includes an equestrian business. This use is what a number of the buildings were first developed for, however, the compatibility and on-going feasibility of this use in these buildings, while not ruled out, needs to be considered carefully. It is felt that an equestrian business elsewhere on the Estate, if it is not in the Lower Stable Yard should be promoted, if it is financially viable, as it is a use that is appropriate to the character of the Estate.